Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

We provide the most potent stem cells available – embryonic and autologous stem cells. We do not provide the far less-effective adult stem cells or umbilical stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells are derived from a blastocyst which is the stage of an embryo 0-4 days after fusion of an egg and a spermatozoa.

A decade ago, in order to produce such a blastocyst and derive embryonic stem cells from it, our scientists needed to retrieve eggs from a woman and collect sperm from a male and then fertilize the egg in a petri dish. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to retrieve eggs or sperm to produce a blastocyst. Our scientists are able to produce an egg from a skin cell. They are also able to fuse such an egg with a fibroblast (skin cell) to produce an embryo.

In other words, our Embryonic stem cells are produced by transforming skin cells into embryonic stem cells following several advanced scientific steps. The blastocyst produced in the process of this transformation is a transient stage where the skin cell is fully returned to its original embryonic stage. No life is being produced or destroyed. There is only a transformation of old living cells into young and more effective ones.

Stem Cell Health is the only company in the world offering embryonic stem cells and autologous embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem-cells are up to 6x more potent in their ability to help the human body heal itself than that of adult-stem-cells or umbilical-stem-cells. While autologous embryonic stem-cells are up to 10x more potent.

Stem Cell Health’s stem cells are always delivered fresh from the laboratory culture. We never provide frozen stem cells to our partnered doctors as it would reduce the efficacy and number of stem-cells available for use by your body after injection.

We work with doctors to ensure that stem-cells are counted prior to injection, without any additional freezing. This ensures that patients always receive a minimum of 20 million stem-cells per injection. Some clinics or doctors purchase stem-cells in a frozen state, and simply ‘defrost’ them prior to injection, so even if there were 20 million stem-cells prior to freezing, by the time they reach your body, you are receiving less stem-cells than you were told, or possibly none at all!

Regardless of who you choose for your stem-cell therapy, make sure that the stem cell count is done in the last stage – prior to injection and without additional freezing.

This will depend on the doctor/clinic nearest you who is providing the treatment. After we have put you in touch – you may like to request this of them.

To date, Stem Cell therapy has produced no negative side effects; nor are there any medically or scientifically anticipated risks outside that of a routine outpatient injection.

If you are given a simple intravenous injection , the duration of the actual procedure will not usually exceed 2 hours.
If the injection is done in another part of your body and requires anesthesia, it may take several hours and could include an overnight recovery within the treatment facility.
For more details, please contact us so we can put you in touch with a doctor/clinic that utilizes our stem-cells.

There is no scientific evidence that embryonic stem cells may cause cancer. In fact, embryonic stem-cells are the only stem-cells that have been scientifically proven to produce anti-tumor proteins that can shrink and even kill tumors. Others, including umbilical stem-cells and adult stem-cells, do not have this anti-cancer affect. In the many years in which our cells have been utilized, we have never seen such a problem after ESC treatment, on the contrary, we have seen tumors shrink and disappear.

Once the treating physicians have received your medical information, we can arrange for one of them to talk to your doctor.

After a doctor with experience in Stem Cell therapy speaks to a patient’s doctor and answers all questions directly, the patient’s doctor will usually become much more comfortable and supportive.

Of course, once you return home, your own doctor will be handling your follow-up care and we will appreciate being informed of your progress.

Just fill in this form and tell us what you hope to achieve with stem-cells. We’ll answer your questions and put you in touch with a doctor/clinic nearest to you who you can organize an appointment with.

Stem Cell Health is a biotechnology company focused on bringing stem cell therapy to all. SCT is a revolutionary technique that could help so many patients. We believe it has been stopped for too long based on philosophical concerns. When people suffer and die, we shouldn’t think twice about helping them with treatments that are available. This is what motivates us at Stem Cell Health.
We are happy to provide the best and most complete SCT in the world.

We do not provide stem-cells directly to the public. Insurance billing is decided by the doctor/clinic that you will visit in order to receive Stem Cell Health™ Embryonic Stem-cells.
Please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to put you in touch with someone closest to you.

Our embryonic stem cells (ESC) are continually cultured in our labs. They were originally derived from a 100-200 cell blastocyst (either donated or cloned from a skin-cell) which is an early stage embryo, only 5 days old. At this very early stage, these cells have not yet become specialized in any way. In other words, they have not begun to transform (differentiate) into skin cells, bone cells, muscle cells etc.

Once a particular stem cell line has been established, it can be cultured for many years without losing potency or effectiveness and, most importantly, without the need of additional blastocysts.

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