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Why Stem Cell Health?


At Stem Cell Health, our research reflects who we are as people. Our aim is simply to become the UK’s leading authority on Stem Cell therapy.

We can’t do that without YOU!

Our company was founded on five core values Innovation, Development, Quality, Collaboration, and Integrity, and these values are infused in everything we do.

Our team is united by one common goal “The development and commercialisation of stem cell therapies”.

Working at Stem Cell Health?


Working Stem Cell Health is rewarding, fun, and inspiring. The work is complex and challenging, and gets tackled by people who expect to succeed! Audacious ideas are celebrated and many of them become projects.

The experience you bring to Stem Cell Health is only your starting point. At Stem Cell Health you are encouraged to continue to grow and develop, including by being open to feedback on what you do and how you work. You will learn to speak confidently and transparently, scrutinize ideas, and invite critique.

You will also laugh, play, and celebrate with your colleagues. At Stem Cell Health, your grit, determination and your passion for quality and science will help you find fulfilment in the profession, in purpose, and in friendships.

Current Job Opportunities

Chief Medical Officer

The primary role of the CMO will be to provide leadership and direction for Stem Cell Health’s pipeline of stem cell development programs in both genetic rare disease, cancer, and conditions which have proven responsive to Stem Cell Therapy. The CMO will be responsible for the strategy, direction and execution of the company’s clinical development plans.

Head of Research

This position provides the technical leadership to an experienced team of scientists engaged in stem cell technology therapy and treatment development. It is important for the candidate has experience in cell culture development and team management experience. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Proven work experience using aseptic techniques in cell culture


We are looking for a highly skilled and ambitious Scientist to push the boundaries of cell reprograming. The right candidate will believe nothing is impossible, and that given the right opportunity, their hard work and adaptability will allow them to achieve the highest standards, delivering world-class science, commercial success, patient impact. You’ll be joining a passionate and innovative team of world experts whose mission is to transform the future development of life-saving cell therapies.

Advisory Board Members

The advisor board are responsible for advising on the clinical development of our stem cell therapies and to review and monitor progress with our therapeutic programmes as they progress into and through their clinical development phase. Additionally, Stem Cell Health has established a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) which is composed of leading academics and industry executives with a world-class breadth of expertise across the Company’s areas of operation.